My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

May 16, 2022
My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

I have heard about Kansas City BBQ for years, and I finally had the chance to taste some of the best. Whether you are on the Kansas side or the Missouri side of Kansas City, there are BBQ stops everywhere. My top 5 Kansas City BBQ stops came highly recommend, and one of them was located right at my Marriot hotel. If you are planning a trip to KC, be sure to check out the Kansas City Visitors Center for some great tips. 

My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

Plowboys BBQ

Our first Kansas City BBQ stop was just 2 blocks down from my hotel, and we only stopped there because it was convenient. Wow were we pleasantly surprised by this award-winning BBQ joint.

Plowboys BBQ combined one of my favorite things, nachos, with some amazing pulled pork. Their burnt ends went great with their BBQ sauce choices, and their cheesy corn and cheesy potatoes were absolutely fantastic.

My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

Jack Stack BBQ

Next on my list was Jack Stack. It’s located in a beautiful shopping district called The Country Club Plaza. There is a lot of parking and great walking areas. There are even a few beautiful fountains to check out.

I highly recommend Jack Stack BBQ if you like spice. My friend got the burnt ends and sausage, and I got the BBQ shrimp and cheesy potatoes. 

My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

Slaps BBQ 

The 3rd place we went to came very highly recommended by everyone we talked to, and from my friend’s family. Slaps BBQ is actually on the Kansas side of Kansas City, and it was more than worth the drive over the river. It was started by 2 brothers in 2013 and took the city by storm. Slaps stands for “Squeal Like A Pig BBQ” and it is so good, it will make you squeal. They are still actively competing in the KCBS circuit throughout the year.

My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

BBQ Choices

There were 5 of us for this dinner so everyone got a little something different. I of course got my pulled pork and ribs. Can I just say, hands down the best ribs I have ever had, and I mean ever. I also got baked beans and baked potato casserole. My friend got the burnt ends, coleslaw, and baked potato casserole. The other items were a turkey sandwich and chicken.

Marriott Hotel BBQ Has It Going On

It rained one of the days on our trip so we decided to eat at the hotel. Who knew the Marriott Bonvoy could rock some awesome burnt ends? Well, they did not disappoint. I got the burnt-end salad and the chicken and rice soup. Even the BBQ salad dressing was amazing.

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My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ

The last stop on our BBQ tour was Arthur Bryant’s BBQ. They are one of the oldest BBQ restaurants in Kansas City, and definitely one with the most character. As you enter there is ample seating, along with a lot of parking. You wait in line for them to yell “Next” at you. Be sure you know what you want, they move faster than a Chick Fil A at lunchtime. 

My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

More BBQ Ribs For Me

Can you guess what I got? You guessed it, I got ribs, and my friend got the pulled pork sandwich. The flavor was amazing, and I really liked the world-famous BBQ sauce, but the original and the sweet and spicy were great too. We got the baked beans and the cheesy potato casserole to go with our amazing lunch.

My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

More BBQ Places Then My Top 5 Kansas City BBQ Stops

One place that we didn’t get to go to but came highly recommended is Gates BBQ, I guess I’ll have to make another trip back really soon. Maybe I can talk the husband into coming with me, he is the true BBQ lover in our family.

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