Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

May 15, 2022

I love any chance I get to travel with my pups. So, when I was asked to take a road trip with my pups to Plano Texas, I jumped at the chance. Little did I know how many places were going to be pet friendly. From hotels to restaurants to fun fur baby shops.

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

We arrived at the beautiful Hilton Granite Park hotel where a wonderful gift from Visit Plano Texas was waiting for us. The girls were excited about the yummy treats that were in the gift, and of course, Molly was excited about the doggy bandana.

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

The Bar Is Open

We got to Plano a little late but luckily the hotel bar was still serving food. I ordered a salad and a martini, and my husband ordered chicken nuggets and a local beer. He loves to check out the local beer scene when we travel. The food was amazing, and the staff was very friendly. We relaxed by the outdoor fire, which Riley absolutely loved.

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

Norma’s Cafe is Very Pet-Friendly

After a good night’s sleep, we headed out to our first pet-friendly location. Visit Plano gave some great suggestions, and our first stop was one of them. Norma’s Cafe reminded me of a restaurant we use to go to as kids called Big Boy, they even had a Big Boy statue in the restaurant.

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

Norma’s Cafe has a large patio outside that is pet-friendly, and they really catered to the girls. We ordered breakfast and got the girls settled on their blanket, this is one of my tips, always bring a blanket for your pups when you go anywhere. Our breakfast was amazing. I had the French toast with fruit, and my husband had his normal, eggs and bacon, and they had great coffee there.

Pet Friendly Road Tripping Tips

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

Downtown Plano is Full of Pet-Friendly Fun

After breakfast we headed to downtown Plano, the restaurant was just up the road from the heart of Plano. There are so many pet-friendly shops, a beautiful park, and a store that quickly became the girl’s favorite place to go on this trip. I will definitely take another road trip with my pups to Plano Texas.

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

Fur-Baby Fun

Molly and Riley had so much fun shopping at Fur Babies. They picked out toys, treats, and even a few gifts for their sister Zoey. There is a wide selection of fresh treats and packaged treats, along with a party room for your Fur Baby to have a Birthday party or get-together. The pup cakes were beautiful, and the waffle treats were my girl’s favorite.

Road Trip with My Pups To Plano Texas

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Pro Tip: When traveling with your pets, I always have my must-haves. Poopy bags, blankets, water dishes, snacks, and toys. Taking some of your pup’s favorite things helps them feel more comfortable in a strange place. I also take a few different outfits; my girls love their clothes. Another must is always clean up after your pets, especially in public park areas, and trails. 

Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

A Must Do On A Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

The first time I had my picture taken with “Wings” was in Nashville, TN. I fell in love with the concept of these winged murals, and now I search every town I visit for their rendition of the “Wings”. Plano has a set at The Shops at Legacy, and they are absolutely beautiful. The shops were very pet friendly. Even some of the stores had doggy dishes with treats sitting outside for your fur babies to enjoy.

Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

Breakfast With Your Pups

Another great thing about The Shops at Legacy is all of the pet-friendly restaurants. Visit Plano gave me a pretty large list of different stores and restaurants that let you bring your pups. We chose Main Street Bakery and Bistro for breakfast before we headed out of town. The waitstaff was very friendly, the food was amazing, and the girls had a great time.

Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

The girls really enjoyed sharing my avocado toast with me, and the hubs really enjoyed his biscuits and gravy. We both enjoyed the coffee, and my fruit was amazing.

The Boardwalk In Plano Texas

The Boardwalk was a fun place to explore. With Adirondack chairs, water fountains, and some great restaurants, there was a lot to do and see. There were even scooters you could rent to explore the area. Some of the restaurants were even pet friendly, but always check before you bring your pets to a restaurant.

Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

Call Ahead About Pet-Friendly Restaurants

We called ahead to Chips Old Fashioned Burgers on the Boardwalk, and they are very pet friendly. We took the girl’s blanket and water bowl and had some amazing food. The girls did great and made a few new friends.

Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

What To Eat At Chips Burgers

I had my favorite sandwich, and cider and the husband had nachos and a local beer. They brought the girls some water, and I brought their treats for them to snack on, though they may have shared some of my fries with me.

Road Trip With My Pups To Plano Texas

Golden Boy Coffee Did Not Disappoint

I called ahead to Golden Boy Coffee, which is where I got a lot of my pet-friendly advice for the Boardwalk. This place was a must-visit before we headed out of town, and it was so good. You all know how I love my coffee, and I highly recommend this place. They have 3 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Plano, and Denton area.



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