The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

August 30, 2023
The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

Title: Cheers to Cody, Wyoming: Discovering the Best Breweries in the Wild West

When one thinks of Cody, Wyoming, images of rugged landscapes, historic sites, and outdoor adventures likely come to mind. However, this charming town which is located just outside the East entrance of Yellowstone National Park, has more to offer than just its Wild West heritage. Cody has also embraced the craft beer movement of the United States with open arms, boasting a variety of breweries that have been making waves in the brewing scene. Join me as I explore the best breweries in Cody Wyoming, where old-west spirit meets the art of craft brewing.

The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

Cody Wyoming Craft Brewery Sippen Trail

The Cody Sippen Trail App helps you maneuver your way through the best Breweries and Bars in Cody Wyoming where you can grab a craft brew or a craft cocktail. As you check in to each location you accumulate points and can turn those points in for some Cody-themed prizes.

The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

Cody Brewing Company

Located in the heart of downtown Cody, right off Sheridan Ave, Cody Brewing Company has become a local favorite for its impressive selection of handcrafted beers. From crisp lagers to robust stouts, their ever-changing lineup offers something for every palate. The cozy and rustic atmosphere of the brewery’s taproom invites visitors to kick back and enjoy a pint while savoring the flavors of the West. I don’t usually pick favorites, but not only did I taste some of the best beer here, I found out it’s owned by a former co-worker of my husband’s back in San Antonio.

The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

Pat O’Hara Brewing Company

Nestled against the backdrop of the stunning Absaroka Mountains, Pat O’Hara Brewing Company is a true gem in Cody’s brewery scene. Named after a local legend, this brewery not only offers a wide range of beers but also provides traditional Irish PubItse. Its breathtaking views from its outdoor seating area are some of the best in town. Whether you’re a fan of hop-forward IPAs or prefer a smoother cream ale, Pat O’Hara’s dedication to quality brewing is evident in every sip. Wyoming’s first all-women-owned and operated brewery serves great beer and really good food.

The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

Millstone Pizza Company & Brewery

The Millstone Pizza Company & Brewery is one of those breweries that is extremely family-friendly. With arcade games and amazing pizza, there is a little something for everyone. They even had a trivia night when we were there.

The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

WYOld West Taproom

This stop was definitely a highlight of our visit. The WYOld West Taproom has a different dining atmosphere. Their tasting room allows you to pour your own beer. I found the best IPA I’ve ever tasted here. The food selection is definitely high-end, and you really feel the community of Cody at this location.

The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

Cody Wyoming Sippen Trail

The Sippen Trail is the list of great places to grab a craft beer, cocktail, or fantastic food. Here are a few more of my favorite places to visit while you are staying in Cody, Wyoming.

Other Options on The Sippen Trail

A Few other options on the Sippen Trail will bring you to some of my favorite Cody hot spots. Like the Chamberlin Inn, and the Irma Hotel. Both have a lot of Cody Wyoming history, and both offer beer, cocktails, and food options. The Chamberlin Inn is one of my favorite spots to grab a cocktail and get inspired. Another great location is The Irma Hotel, It’s the first hotel in Cody, formerly owned by Buffalo Bill himself. There is a historical restaurant inside where you can see a bar donated by the Queen of England. Grab a seat at a picnic table outside for the Old West show. Gunslingers put on a show that makes you feel like you stepped back in time.

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The Best Breweries in Cody Wyoming

The Best Breweries In Cody Wyoming

Amid Cody’s rugged landscapes and western heritage lies a vibrant craft beer scene making a name for itself. From Cody Brewing Company’s cozy atmosphere to Pat O’Hara Brewing Company’s majestic mountain views, these breweries offer not only exceptional craft beers but also an experience that captures the spirit of the Wild West. Whether you’re a local looking for your new favorite brew or a traveler seeking a unique tasting adventure, Cody’s breweries are ready to raise a glass and invite you to savor the flavors of the region. So, next time you find yourself in this charming Wyoming town, be sure to make a stop at these top-notch breweries and toast to the perfect blend of old-west tradition and modern craft brewing.



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