5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

April 13, 2023
5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

Every travel opportunity is an adventure. You all know I love a good road trip, heck, every trip is a road trip for me, I don’t fly. Being on the road to my next adventure is actually where the adventure begins. Whether this is your first adventure trip or your 50th, you do have to be prepared because anything can happen on the road. These are my 5 adventure travel must-haves because you just never know when you are going to need a first aid kit, snacks, or even a hammock when you are on the road.

5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

Nomadik Subscription Box

I was looking for fire starters for an upcoming trip a year ago and came across the Nomadik Subscription box. Each box is filled with adventure travel gear for adventure travelers. One of the boxes even has a dry bag, which is a waterproof bag, in it, which is a must-have for any adventure where water is involved. And speaking of water, my last subscription box had a device to help you get clean water no matter where you are. Be sure to use my code ADEINA10 for a discount.

5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

Hoka Apparel

Packing the right clothes is so important. People laugh at me because I pack so many shoes. Here’s the thing, I would rather have too many pairs of footwear, than not enough, who wants to be searching for sporting goods store to buy a pair of boots or shoes because you forgot you would need them? I have room when I am road-tripping, so I am packing the extra footwear. Road Runner Sports has so many options when it comes to footwear, socks, and apparel. And with so many adventure trips coming up, I have a lot of training to get done in these workout clothes.

5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

Keto Krate Snack Subscription

Eating healthy while on the road is one of the most difficult things to do. Finding the Keto Krate subscription box was one of those “Awesome Finds”. Each month it is filled with some pretty amazing snacks, drinks, nut spreads, and more. It’s a women-owned business based out of Austin Texas, and I have not had a bad item since I’ve been receiving my boxes. And each month’s box is always overflowing with so many great finds.

Keep Going First Aid

I came across the Keep Going First Aid company a little over a year ago when I was planning a spring trip to Colorado. I wanted a good first aid kit in my Jeep, and what I got was a great first aid kit. This company is run by a family that traveled all over the world and had a hard time finding what they needed in a first aid kit, so they made their own. It is filled with the cutest bandaids, ointments, ibuprofen and aspirin, a sewing kit, and so much more. There are a few different sizes to fit what you need. I have the small one in my backpack, the medium one in my Jeep, and the large one in my home.

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When I came across this woman-owned hands-free wearables company, I didn’t realize how badly I needed their products for my outdoor activities. I was looking for something to hold my phone while I trained for my upcoming adventure trips because I kept dropping it. And I didn’t want to wear one of those Laniard things around my neck because of how dangerous they are. I learned that lesson one time while kayaking when I almost strangled myself trying to take a picture.

5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

Get These Awesome Products at Portapocket and be sure to use my discount code SOS for 15% off.

5 Adventure Travel Must Haves

Other Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

One of the best things I ever got for my travels is my National Park membership and my State Park membership. Here are some more of my best suggestions, create a packing list for any trip you are planning to take. Here are a few other items I recommend when traveling.

  • Power Bank, and USB car chargers. I can’t tell you how helpful this is, there isn’t always a local coffee shop to stop at and charge everything.
  • Travel Insurance, and always have a roadside assistance add-on or a AAA membership.
  • Day Pack or Back Pack, I always keep one packed and ready to go.
  • Travel Pillow, great for in the car, and at the hotel.
  • Rain Jacket, I always keep one of these in my Jeep.
  • Weather App, I have one in my Jeep to check weather conditions, but if you don’t have that, at least get a great app on your phone.
  • Water shoes are great to have in your car at all times. You never know when you might need them, especially during the rainy season, trust me.
  • Just as important as water shoes are closed-toe shoes. I love wearing my sandals everywhere, but there are some places I go where I need to protect those toes.
  • A good waterproof jacket, see above for why.
  • Camera gear is good to have. I usually use my phone for great videos and pictures. But I think lighting, and tripods are a great addition to any trip.
  • I started carrying hiking poles. If I see a hiking adventure opportunity, I want to make sure I have them with me.
  • Good travel bags are a must. Test some out, it took me a while to find the perfect bags for my adventures.
  • Pack a warm coat, you never know when you’ll hit an area with cold weather. I’ve been in the mountains during the summer months and got snow overnight.
  • Always carry something that can work as a waterproof rain cover. It’s great to have one in your backpack, even if it’s a short trip.

Great Tips

One of my biggest tips, when you are planning an adventure trip, is to reach out to the local guides. This is so important, especially if you don’t know the area. They are filled with valuable information, and it’s always good to let someone in the area know you are there.



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